One Plan - Priced For Public Budgets

SafetyDrone was developed with the idea that 1st Responders, Emergency Services and EMS Management Professionals should be able to access all available features for one price. We understand that these are public budgets that need to be justified. As such we have priced our platform to allow for access to all interested users. At $100 per operator per year it is 70% less than our commercial plans. All we ask is you use your government or organisation email when registering. It's that simple. There is a free plan fot those who wish to see how the basic site works prior to purchasing.


Free / 2 Months

Perfect for evaluating the platform. All GOLD features for free during 2 Months


100.00 $ / year / user

The Gold Platform provides 1st responders with all the tools they need to manage fleets, flights, documentation, compliance and reporting. All at a price that is tailored to public sector budgets.


Custom price

Our private label platform is designed for departments / organizations with 50 or more operators. It provides increased administrative control, flexibility in organizational structure and auto notification for safety monitoring.

The SafetyDrone solution is based on a cloud infrastructure with secure data storage, online web application accompanied by our mobile application for offline access and easy synchronisation with your cloud based account. In addition, the mobile app provides you with access to the latest airspace status updates, local weather and solar index reading that might affect your operations. Finally, you can create custom reports tracking flights, drones, pilots and more.